What you need to know about new ad design for Facebook’s News Feed

Hacker News user “cnn” submitted a suggestion to redesign the News Feed.

The article is worth reading if you’re interested in the subject, but there are a few important things you should know before jumping in:1.

What is the NewsFeed?

The NewsFeed is the interface used by the Facebook News Feed app, and it’s the app’s main way to consume news.

This article will cover the Newsfeed in detail, but you can find a quick summary of what you need do here.2.

Why should I care?

The primary purpose of the NewsGrid is to display stories from various sources.

It’s a visual representation of news, and its main purpose is to be used as a visual reference for how many people are reading the news.3.

Why redesign it?

NewsGrid was redesigned last year for mobile.

It has now been completely redesigned and revamped for mobile, and there are new features available for new devices and the general audience.4.

What’s new?

We’ve also included a new set of guidelines to help you get started.

Here’s what’s new in the new design:• The news feed is now sorted by topics (from top to bottom).• The main navigation menu is now a new bar with more information on topics, like topics in categories.• There’s a new section labeled News, which highlights content on topics.• The NewsGrid now includes a “Featured” section that highlights content that’s featured on other news sites.• A new “Featured Stories” section with more news related to the topic of interest.• Additional new features like a new “Top Stories” category that highlights the most popular stories of a given day.• “Featured Articles” are now organized by subject.• You can now add links to the topics of interest in topics and news posts.• Several other tweaks and improvements.

As for the redesign itself, the design changes are relatively minor.

There’s no major visual changes to the design.

The main interface changes include:• More emphasis on the News and Topics sections, with new icons for each.• More visual clarity around the top navigation menu and main navigation bar.• New horizontal layout.• An additional “Featured News” section for news articles.• Improvements to the navigation bar, with an additional section labeled “Featured Topics”.• Improved layout for “Featured People”.• Various improvements to the overall design.

The design will be available for iOS users on the App Store in the coming weeks.

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