NHLPA executive committee is meeting today to discuss a possible expansion draft

NHLPA Executive Committee Chair Mark Giordano and the NHLPA’s Director of Media Relations Dave Kravetz met today at the Wells Fargo Center to discuss the possibility of a possible Expansion Draft.

“There’s still no timeline on when we’ll have a draft,” Giordino said.

“We have to keep that in our hands.

We don’t want to put it off too long.”

The expansion draft is an important part of the league’s schedule, but not one the NHL wants to wait too long for.

The draft is currently scheduled to take place on April 27-29.

If it does take place, it will occur during the second round of the NHL’s Expansion Draft, which takes place on May 9-11 in Philadelphia.

Giordano said he thinks the draft could be done in the next couple of weeks, but he said the issue is the same as it has been for years: How do you make sure the players you want to add are the players that you need?

“The way we do it is by adding a few more people in,” Giobannano said.

The Expansion Draft is a two-year process that is scheduled to start in 2020, and is expected to produce 10 teams in the first round of expansion drafts.

The second round is scheduled for 2019 and will produce 12 teams in that year’s expansion draft.

The draft has been a priority of Giordani and his colleagues for the past two years.

Giordanni said the NHL is currently on track to have 12 teams by 2021.

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