When Facebook launched its Facebook Stories feature, the company had to answer some questions

Facebook is set to roll out a feature that allows people to share and share with other people photos of themselves that have been taken and uploaded by other users.

But before the feature can be used on Facebook, it has to pass a set of quality control and quality assurance tests, which could take weeks or months.

“Our goal is to get the new features up to speed before they’re used by users, but this has taken a lot longer than expected,” said Facebook CTO Jens Ludwig.

The new feature, dubbed “Facebook Stories,” is a new feature for the social network.

It allows users to post and share images with friends that have also uploaded the images, as well as with other users who have posted the same image.

The social network said it had not had time to implement all the quality control requirements and tests.

The tests, according to Facebook, include a “quality assurance process to ensure that all content that is shared is safe and legal to share,” the company said.

But Ludwig said Facebook would also take a look at other parts of the site’s design and build a new system to make sure Facebook Stories is not accidentally posted by users.

Facebook is set for a major overhaul of how its ads are displayed in its platform, which has been struggling to compete with online giants like Google and Microsoft.

It is also set to announce new ways to boost engagement and user engagement.

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