Why I’m Leaving LinkedIn for Ludvig Lundmark

AUSTRALIA has seen a major shift in the way it sees social media.

A study released this week found that social media is now used in about half of all job interviews in Australia.

Ludwig Lundmark is the CEO of Lundmark Advertising Design and has been with the company since 2002.

I’ve been with Lundmark for 18 years and I’ve spent the last 18 years at LinkedIn.

The most important thing to me is that it gives me an opportunity to do great work and I think that the company is really making progress in the areas of growth and engagement.

What is happening at LinkedIn is that you have people who are looking for jobs that are not available, people who feel they are being overlooked, people with the desire to get into a company and are really looking for people who can do their best work and provide the best customer experience.

And I think this is exactly what I’m looking for at LinkedIn, which is that we are making that happen.

You’ve got people who like what they see, but they are not necessarily looking for a job.

I think the people that I’ve seen, I’ve met, are people who have a lot of enthusiasm, they are motivated to be great, and they have great empathy for what is going on in the world.

I love what I do and I am really proud to be the CEO at LinkedIn and I want to make it my own.

The thing that has really been interesting to me about LinkedIn is the way that people are able to connect, not only on the job site, but on LinkedIn itself.

There are things that I can do, but if you are not at LinkedIn you cannot connect with the people on LinkedIn.

I am a little bit shocked at how many of my colleagues are now just connecting with LinkedIn directly.

The whole thing has just exploded.

You’re in a position of power, you’re in an opportunity, and you have a platform where you can connect with other people.

I’m very excited to be here and it’s a great opportunity for me.

I hope that LinkedIn is a place that people go to and it really makes a difference.

What are your thoughts on the move to LinkedIn?

LUDWIG LUTDMANN: I think there is a lot that I admire about the company and I have no problem with them doing the right thing in their own interests, and I certainly see their opportunity to grow their business.

But I also think that LinkedIn has gone way too far in its own way, particularly with regards to social media and the way they have built this company around the notion of ‘social’.

They’ve gone to the extreme, and in the process they have destroyed their core competency in marketing and that’s where the real challenge lies for them.

So, I think it’s important that they realise that their business needs to be a lot more about connecting people.

But also, you know, it’s an incredibly powerful tool.

People will go on and on about how it’s not a big deal, it doesn’t matter what your job title is.

But in reality, you can actually be on LinkedIn for a long time and then you’ll go and do something else, or you’ll get a job elsewhere.

That is what has happened in LinkedIn.

So I think in the end, it has become a way of life for some people and not everyone is going to have the same thing.

I was just talking to a colleague this week and she was talking about the people who she was actually looking to work with, and she said, “Well, they can’t work in marketing”.

And I was like, “You’re talking about people who don’t know how to market”.

But LinkedIn is not a bad company in terms of their ability to grow.

And if I am lucky, I might find a new job.

But it’s hard to go into that process of being a manager and say, “OK, I need to be involved in that”.

But I am looking forward to doing what I can.

LUDWINN: Is this the end of LinkedIn?

It’s the end for me?

LUTMANN (on camera): Yeah.

The company will go to a different direction.

They’re going to be different companies.

But they’re also going to do their jobs, which are very, very hard to do in the traditional sense, which means there are going to need to go out and hire people, and then we’re going do our best to support that, but also have our staff do their job in a way that is really rewarding.

And then we will be really proud of our employees.

LUTWICK: I would like to think that this is the end.

LUSTRAVED LUTMARK: I really think that it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and there are no other jobs I’d rather do.

LUNDWARM: This is a company that

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