Why Outdoor Advertising Is the Best Advertising You Can Do, by Daniel Dorn, a New Yorker

A New Yorker writer, Daniel Dorns, argues that outdoor advertising is the best advertising you can do.

The author of The Best Ads in the World, which won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for the best journalism, argues the opposite: that it’s only good advertising that can be seen and heard.

Here, Dorn takes on a different question: why do outdoor advertising succeed? 

Dorns’ book, The Best Outdoor Advertising in the Universe, is the first to argue that outdoor ads are not only good, but that they’re also more effective than ads that are not outdoors. 

Dorns is an avid reader and is a big fan of outdoors, and his book was inspired by his travels around the world.

He says he wanted to write about the “hidden power” of the outdoors in our everyday lives. 

In his article, Dorns notes that “the power of outdoor advertising,” like the power of advertising itself, is often hidden.

“It can be invisible, it can be hidden from sight, it is rarely acknowledged,” he writes.

“And yet, as the best ads in the world tell us, we live in a world where we’re always surrounded by outdoor advertising.” 

I agree that the invisible power of the outdoor advertising industry is real.

It’s important to understand that. 

When it comes to the power that outdoor ad campaigns have over our daily lives, the industry doesn’t just tell us.

In fact, its power is almost impossible to quantify.

Dorns points to research showing that, by 2020, outdoor advertising will account for more than $2.5 trillion dollars in revenue. 

“The power of outdoors advertising,” he says, “is not something we can measure, but it is something we cannot ignore.”

Dorns writes that the power is “a hidden, intangible, intangible force that we are all too often unable to see, experience, or engage with.” 

He cites the example of a woman who, for a while, did not want to wear a raincoat because of its potential for catching cold. 

I want to be able to walk around a big outdoor area with my friends, he writes, “and see the incredible variety of colors and textures and smells that are so pervasive in nature.” 

What does this mean for us? 

Dorn argues that our daily habits are so reliant on the outdoors, that we forget the “other” world that is beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones. 

We often think of outdoor ads as “a small part of a much larger landscape,” he notes, but in reality, they’re just a small part. 

He points out that “it is difficult to imagine what it would be like if outdoor advertising were less pervasive in our daily life.

It would be much more difficult to believe that we all had the same set of expectations for our daily experiences.” 

Dors work is in line with his previous book, In the World of Outdoor Advertising, in which he argued that outdoor advertisements can actually “dramatically change the way we see, listen, and feel” and that “there is no place for us as a society that refuses to embrace outdoor advertising, especially if it is seen as a threat to our safety, our safety and our health.” 

As Dorns explains, “The power and powerlessness of outdoor ad advertising are well known, and I think that the real reason that outdoor marketers have remained hidden in our world is that they have refused to accept that it exists.” 

For example, Dors points to a recent study that found that people in urban areas who own a smartphone were more likely to be killed by car drivers. 

This study, he says , is a reminder that, for all its obvious potential, outdoor ads can be a powerful tool for making our cities safer, and it’s also a reminder of how “hidden” outdoor advertising can be. 

While Dorns argues that we should “look at what it’s actually doing” with the advertising industry, he argues that its the wrong way to look at the issue.

“The truth is that outdoor marketing is an essential part of our daily routines,” he concludes. 

What can we do about it? 

It’s difficult to say what to do about outdoor advertising when we have the same problem as Dorns: we are often not aware of it.

But I have one suggestion: don’t buy ads in places where you may be afraid of being seen. 

If you’re worried about getting killed by a car in the street, you should consider buying outdoor advertising. 

But the same thing applies to advertisements in other areas of your life, like when you’re a kid, and in your bedroom, and on your way to school, or on your commute home. 

The more we can be aware of the power and hiddenness of outdoor advertisement, the more likely we are to do the right thing and stop buying outdoor ads.

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