How to avoid the pitfalls of digital advertising design

A digital advertising agency has advised designers to avoid designing for a specific audience.

“Don’t try to get specific to a particular demographic, because that can be a recipe for failure,” said Scott Purdon, a digital marketing design consultant.

“You want to create a product that people will use for their own personal goals.

You don’t want to be trying to find a specific niche for the audience.”

Purdon told Business Insider that there are several different types of ad campaigns.

A “buy now” ad would probably be the best fit for a company that wants to target their clients with a certain product.

A landing page ad might be best for a business with a specific need.

But Purdaons advice has caught the attention of the likes of Microsoft’s chief executive, Satya Nadella.

Microsoft has been working on a “buy right now” campaign that will target businesses who need to buy their products right now.

The new campaign will feature ads that are “a bit more aggressive” and will “target a lot of people” with a new “buy it now” option that will help customers to shop for products.

“I think this is a great example of a strategy that is going to work,” Nadellas spokesman Chris D’Amico said.

The Microsoft “buy” campaign will include a “Buy Now” button that will prompt the user to make a purchase.

Users will be asked to select between a range of products, including clothes, shoes, electronics, and books.

Microsoft is working on launching a more targeted buy-one-get-one discount program in the future.

Purdons advice on the right strategy comes at a time when advertisers are increasingly looking for ways to engage with their target audience.

Advertising has become increasingly fragmented, as people increasingly choose to spend more time on their devices.

But digital marketing is a new frontier that will not only help advertisers find their niche, but also will help them target the right audience.

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