NFL marketing expert: NFL’s advertising design templates should be ‘tweaked’

The NFL is in the process of “tweaking” its advertising design template.

The league is seeking input on how to better promote the game with “creative and engaging content” that can help the league grow and succeed.

Here’s what the league has said: The NFL wants to hear from fans, players and league officials about how we can improve our advertising and marketing efforts.

In particular, we want to hear what players and players’ associations have to say about our use of “advertisements as a vehicle for social media engagement,” according to league spokesman Brian McCarthy.

The NFL has been experimenting with its own digital ads, and this week, the league announced the launch of its own “Ads Everywhere” ad platform.

The platform allows advertisers to advertise directly to viewers, and it will provide a more personalized experience than the traditional ad-blocker.

Advertisements are being used to help promote the NFL on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, according to the league.

The team is also exploring ways to promote on-field events and events in which fans can attend.

In addition to its social media platform, the NFL is also testing its own ads on its own website.

“We’re not talking about a completely overhaul,” McCarthy told USA TODAY Sports.

“I think that’s just part of our evolution.”

This is not the first time the NFL has experimented with its ads.

In April, the team launched its own social media advertising network called the “Ad-Free Zone,” which will let fans post and then click through to the team’s website and mobile apps.

The Ad-FreeZone will only be available on the team website and apps, but will allow fans to post content from the team to their own social accounts.

“This is something that we think the fans will love,” McCarthy said.

The new platform will be a test bed for the league to see how well it can “create engaging, relevant, personalized content” for fans to share on social platforms.

In other words, the platform will not be a replacement for traditional ad networks like Facebook or Twitter.

The idea behind the platform is that fans will have more control over the ads they see.

“Our goal is to be able to have a more personal relationship with the game, and we want fans to feel more connected with their team, the organization and the fans, and the platform allows us to do that,” McCarthy added.

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