What to look for in advertising for 2020: What to watch and read

When the New York Times asked a group of digital ad buyers and designers what their top priorities for 2020 were, it didn’t take long for the answers to emerge: “More advertising,” “new ways of presenting news,” and “more relevant video.”

But it was the third item on that list that caught our eye.

It’s a very interesting question, and we think we can answer it for you.

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that “new” is a very big word in digital advertising, and not just in terms of how we design and create the content.

New is a way of saying “new technology.”

That’s the phrase the advertising world is now using more than ever to describe the technology that’s making it possible to connect people with the things they care about, with ads that can be personalized to fit the needs of individual consumers.

New has become a key part of the industry’s push for personalized ads.

The phrase is even used in the company’s own website.

(For example, if you search “New” on its homepage, you’ll get ads that feature content from the New Yorker.)

The idea behind personalized ads is that they’re more relevant than regular ads.

In fact, the word “more” is the primary reason for this, as you’ll see from the chart below.

This chart shows how many times the term “more ads” appears in search queries.

(If you want a more specific example, look at the Google ads that show up in Google’s search results.)

But the term does more than just describe the new kind of ads we’ve seen in the past few years.

It also refers to a brand-specific approach to what an ad should be.

So the phrase “more targeted ads” is also a good descriptor.

In a nutshell, we think the term means the new way that we are trying to make advertising work with our users.

So what is that way?

Well, it means we are taking a new approach to how we interact with our audience, and that means making sure our ads get through to the people we want to reach.

So how does a brand decide what kind of ad to make?

That’s where the term brand comes in.

The concept of a brand is to define what it is and how it will make people feel about something, or how they will interact with it.

And so, for example, when you look at Google’s ads, there’s a lot of information about Google.

But how do you know that it’s really Google?

So it’s a brand.

But what makes a brand different from other brands is that we can do everything we can to make the ads more relevant to what the user is looking for, even if that means giving them something they can’t see.

This is the idea behind our “targeted ads.”

And so the new approach we’re taking to how digital ads work will give advertisers more control over the kinds of ads they show to their customers.

For example: A lot of people like seeing their favorite brands.

They’re not always going to like seeing them in a generic way.

For instance, if they want to know about the new iPhone XS, they may be disappointed to learn that Apple has announced that it is getting rid of the “iPhone X.”

(Apple does have an iPhone X in stores now, however, which will continue to be sold.)

But if they wanted to know more about the iPhone X, they might want to try a brand that’s more relevant.

That would be the “New iPhone” brand, which is a brand focused on its own product lines, like Apple Watch, iMac, and other products.

But because we’re giving advertisers more ability to target their ads to specific people, they’ll be able to target those ads to those people in a way that’s different than other brands.

That means they’ll know how to deliver the most relevant ad to the person they’re trying to reach more.

So instead of just showing a generic ad, we’re going to be showing brand-targeted ones.

The more relevant the ad, the more people will be able access it.

So this is a powerful strategy for advertisers because they will be more likely to reach people who are interested in buying a specific brand or product.

That in turn will help advertisers reach more people in an increasingly digital world.

To get more people to buy something, brands need to reach them first.

So in the long run, brands are also trying to convince people that the products they sell are worth buying.

But this is where the word brand comes into play.

Brands are trying not only to reach their target audience, but also to help people discover brands they might not otherwise know about.

That’s why they have to make sure they reach their users first.

What’s more, brand-focused ads are not just about targeting specific people.

They also have to be relevant to a wider audience.

For example, many brands are targeting younger consumers.

They may want to share

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