Which wedding advertisement is best?

We asked the designers behind some of the most iconic wedding ads in Ireland to pick their favourite wedding advertising designs from around the world.

We then compared the designs against each other in order to assess the effectiveness of the campaign.

In the end, we were left with a list of six wedding advertising posters that represent some of Ireland’s most iconic moments.

The wedding advert from The Wedding Of Brian Boru has been used in nearly every wedding ceremony in Ireland.

It features a young Brian Boruc, played by Irish actor Michaela MacLeod, as he tells the story of his own marriage to the actress.

The advert was created by The Wedding Bride by Brian Boruck, a team of advertising professionals including marketing experts, photographers and designers.

The first advert for The Wedding of Brian Boruk in Irish television, aired on August 29, 1972, was created in the style of a wedding advert.

The film features a beautiful young bride wearing a red gown and a white wedding dress, as she leads her family and friends to the ceremony.

The film’s tagline, “The Wedding Of The Year” was created as a nod to the film’s title.

The slogan read “The wedding of the year”.

It was first seen in the film in the form of an advertisement for the film The Wedding Before The Wedding, which aired on March 26, 1976.

The ad is a simple image, with a man sitting with his feet up on the ground, while a young bride appears at the head of the table.

The image was taken by photographer John Fenton, who was working on a wedding poster for a film in London.

The image was then used to create a poster for The Bride Of The Summer.

The poster for the wedding was created for a movie production, and was produced by The Bride of the Summer, an independent company in Cork, Ireland.

The Bride was originally cast as a young woman, and her character was modeled after a young girl from Ireland.

In 1977, The Wedding With the Bridesmaids was the first Irish television ad to be aired on the nation’s biggest cable network.

The wedding is shown in a studio, with the bride and groom posing with their bridesmaidens, while the film begins.

The poster shows a young couple dancing to music, as they look at the camera.

It was a commercial for the new family film The Bride.

The Wedding of the Year, the second Irish television advert, was broadcast in the 1970s and was a popular advert for a number of years.

It featured a beautiful, white bride and her groom as they walked down the aisle.

The Bride of The Summer, the third Irish television commercial, was aired in the late 1970s, featuring a stunning, white wedding.

The couple are shown dancing to the music of a new family musical, as the audience stares at them from the balcony.

The ad was produced for the children’s movie The Bride and the Bride of Christmas.

The advertisement was created using photographs taken by John Finton, who had been commissioned to create the poster for an Irish film, The Bride, which was directed by Robert Harris.

The final advert for the series was released in 1976.

The advertisement is a very simple photograph, with two couples, one with her head in the middle and the other with her feet on the floor.

The young bride with her wedding dress is standing at the foot of the bed, while her mother is standing in the background, smiling.

The couple is shown dancing as they sit on the edge of the couch.

The scene is taken by an actress in a white dress, and it was created to promote the film.

The following year, a second television commercial was broadcast for the show The Bride That Year.

This was the most popular advert in Irish TV history, and included a very similar design to the previous ad, but with a slightly different image.

The original wedding advert was released on September 5, 1976, and featured the bride, groom and their families, dancing in the garden of a cottage in the county of Kerry.

The footage is of the couple in the countryside as they dance, with little children and the camera zooms in on them.

The second advertisement for The Couple That Year featured a young man and his family walking through the village of Limerick, Ireland, as their children and neighbours look on.

The family and the children dance to music.

The original advert was made for a children’s film, and the bride is a young mother and daughter.

The marriage advert was produced in the 1980s for The Happy Family.

The same advert, this time featuring a beautiful white bride, was used to promote a childrens film, My Baby.

The bride is seen walking down the street, with her husband, his children and their neighbours looking on.

The family is also shown dancing, and this is a reference to the wedding advertisement, which featured the same couple dancing together.

The most famous Irish wedding advertisement in history was created back in 1975.

This ad featured the wife of a Dublin City councillor

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