How to get the best ads from a hkadi advertising design

The best ads are created by the most creative people, according to HCL, the company behind a hakki ad campaign that was recently featured in the Times of India.

HCL also recommends designing the ads to be simple and effective, using simple, effective colours and a simplistic design.

It advises designers to make sure the images and the text in the ad are relevant to the brand, rather than trying to compete with the company.

It’s also important to make the product and the advertising appealing to the user, rather that trying to sell the product.

The hakkera ad campaign is a good example of a simple, high-quality ad campaign.

It featured the same slogan as the other ad campaigns, but with different text and images.

The brand has made the ad less than a thousand words long, with only the text, which is a very short description of the product, and the image to make it stand out.

A hakkara advertisement is a perfect example of effective and effective design, says HCL’s marketing director, Srikant Gupta.

He points out that the hakkaras were created for marketing purposes, rather then for advertising purposes, which also helps them to make money.

The ad’s success is due to the ad’s simplicity, which helps in its overall effectiveness.

The campaign’s simplicity and effective messaging helped the brand to reach more than 15 million people through the hkkera campaign.

The product itself is also not a product that is meant for a single user, Gupta says.

Instead, the product is meant to appeal to a broader audience.

Hokkara is a small business in Bengaluru, India, that makes garments for men and women.

The company is trying to become the first hokkaras brand to enter the Indian market.

Its products are also being marketed internationally.

The team behind the ad campaign has also been featured in The Times of Indian, the daily newspaper that India’s largest newspaper.

The paper said that the ad was inspired by the brand’s own history and its heritage, as well as the products of the hokkeras.

It also said that its team is now working on the design for a second hokka.

“We have created an ad campaign based on the brand heritage and we hope to make our first hakka available in the near future,” Gupta said.

It is interesting to note that the brand also has a product called the Hokkera brand.

The Hokkaras is a brand that makes clothes for men that are worn by women, according HCL.

The design of the brand is a combination of hokkas and the Hakkaram, the symbol of the state of Haryana, which symbolizes the Hindu god of war.

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