Facebook is hiring engineers to create a new advertising interface for the social network

Facebook is building a new social media design that it hopes will boost the advertising revenue it brings in by giving people more options and greater choice in how they see ads.

The social media company said it was hiring engineers and designers to develop a new interface for its mobile and desktop sites, and it said the work would be finished by the end of 2018.

Facebook will build the new product as part of a new business strategy called Connect.

The design is meant to bring users into a personalised experience with ads and content that are personalized and relevant to their interests, the company said. 

In a blog post, Facebook said the new interface would allow users to make choices about the ads they see and how they use them, and give them a choice about whether to engage with them.

“Facebook will provide users with more choices, more choice and more options for their interactions with Facebook ads,” Facebook said.

“Users will have more choice in what they see in the ads that they see on their Facebook News Feed.”

The redesign was announced in July after a review of how the social media giant handles ad revenue.

The redesigned site features a new layout and a new look and feel.

Facebook said it wanted to create more flexibility in how ads are displayed, with more content to be displayed, more space available to users, and more choices for users to control the ad formats they see.

“We’ve built a more holistic, more seamless experience that lets you be more effective and more engaged, without sacrificing the power of your social network,” Facebook’s chief product officer, Dan Schumacher, said in the blog post.

“You can choose to read more or less, or to scroll less, and to do so without losing the sense of being part of something bigger.”

The new design will be integrated into Facebook’s mobile and Desktop platforms.

“For the first time in a Facebook product, the new design includes a more unified interface that brings a more seamless user experience to the platform,” Facebook product manager Chris Sato said in a statement.

“There are new choices, and the more you use Facebook, the more opportunities you have to use Facebook to express yourself, or show off your passion for a subject or event.”‘

This will give us more options’As part of the new advertising system, Facebook has added new tools to manage the ads on your news feed, like new tools that allow you to turn on or off certain types of ads, the New York Times reported.

This will allow Facebook to more quickly respond to your requests, for example to make sure that people see more ads on a certain subject, and Facebook is working on a new set of tools to make it easier for users see ads from certain types.

Facebook’s ad sales have fallen as users have switched from Facebook to other social media platforms.

Facebook recently said it lost about $6 billion (£4.4 billion) in ad revenue for the second quarter of 2018, down from $9 billion (£7.3 billion) a year earlier.

Facebook also said it will expand its ad inventory to help people buy ads and get more relevant ads on their news feeds.

“This will mean more choice, more flexibility and more choice for our advertisers,” Schumachers said.

Facebook is not alone in its ambitions to make advertising more accessible. 

Google has been working on similar new advertising technologies for some time.

Google also unveiled new ad formats in June that will let users make ads appear in a more personalized way.

Google has made a number of efforts in recent years to improve its online advertising ecosystem, including introducing the AdWords mobile app in April 2018, allowing users to search for ads, see which ads are most relevant, and even make money from ad placement.

Facebook has also been working to make the social networking site more open, but some advertisers say the company’s approach is too open.

Facebook, however, said it does not think its approach to ad-buying is open.

“Our approach is to make things simpler for everyone and make it more accessible for everyone,” Schumsacher said.

“We have always been committed to delivering better user experiences to everyone, and we believe our approach is open, transparent and fair.

We have an open and transparent advertising process that’s designed to help you get more from Facebook.”

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