What do you think of the ad campaigns for the new Apple Watch?

An ad campaign that aired on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night featured a video of a young man, who was wearing a watch that looked similar to the Apple Watch, explaining why he didn’t like it and calling it “the worst thing since sliced bread”.

The video, which ran for nearly three minutes, features the narrator explaining why the watch is a bad investment.

The Watch has been out for more than a year and the consumer’s response to it has been mostly positive, with Apple estimating it to be the third most popular smartwatch on the market.

The ad campaign, however, does raise some questions about the watch’s long-term future.

According to Recode, the narrator was also asked why he felt that the watch was a bad product.

“Because I don’t like how it looks, because I don the Apple logo on it,” he said, before explaining why it’s “the most beautiful thing on earth”.

He goes on to say: “But you have to do something about it because if it’s a beautiful thing, why wouldn’t I like it?”

Despite the ad’s lack of authenticity, the Watch has received mixed reviews from people who use it, with some saying it’s not an effective advertisement.

Apple has acknowledged that its Watch has seen strong demand, but said it would not be commenting on whether the Watch was popular.

“Our goal is to connect people with great experiences.

It’s a product that’s important to us and it’s important that people understand why it matters to them,” Apple’s head of design Jony Ive said.”

We’ll be talking to our partners to see how we can help improve it and help them make it better.”

A spokesman for Fallon’s show told The Verge that the presenter felt the ad was “an accurate representation of the Watch’s true potential”.

The Watch launched in June, and Apple has already said it plans to increase its watch revenue by 20% next year, with the watch now earning $10 per day, and its price dropping to $99.

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