Which ads are designed by marketing experts?

Ad agencies and design teams have been known to work out creative deals to make their clients look good.

But are they really paid to do it?

According to a report by AdAge, it depends.

Some companies are paid based on the number of ads they produce, while others are paid on the quality of the product.

The report says the best way to determine whether you are working for an agency is to ask.

“Ask the agency directly if they pay them,” AdAge senior analyst Ben Smith told News.au.

Advertisers pay the same for each ad produced.

And while some agencies will pay an agency to create the ad, others will pay for the placement of the ad on their website, mobile app or mobile games.

As an example, the report suggests that agencies pay $100 for a 30 second spot on the Facebook news feed.

When the ad is created, it’s then paid for by Facebook.

It’s worth noting that the ad may also be placed on the company’s social media platforms, such as Instagram or Twitter.

To get paid, a designer may work for multiple agencies.

For example, an agency could produce one ad for a mobile game, but also create multiple ads for that same game for different audiences.

While you may be working for a design agency, your role may vary.

Agency designers work for different companies, but some will work for a small agency and others for a larger agency.

There are also many different agencies, and the ad agencies can be very different.

An agency’s role as a designer is often limited to the product that they create, which can vary from the agency’s clients to their industry.

In many cases, the best ad agencies will have a creative director, who may be paid based solely on their work, but is paid for the quality and design of the agency.

“Most agencies don’t pay for anything, and their biggest focus is on quality and the design of their product,” Smith said.

If you’re not sure which agency is right for you, you can always hire a consultant.

Do you know of an agency that has been paid by a company?

Share your story in the comments below.

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