When Apple is selling ads in your app, your app is doing too much: A look at what you can do to get out of it

Recode by Adam Lee.

The tech industry has been trying to figure out how to sell ads in iOS since the introduction of Apple TV in late 2015.

For years, Apple has offered users a choice of ad-blocking apps like Adblock Plus, but Apple has been reluctant to offer them a way to monetize their ads.

That is, until now.

In July of this year, Apple unveiled its new ad-blocker called AdBlock Plus, which allows users to block ads in apps.

Users can also set up automatic ads blocking settings in their devices, as well as customize ad-sales banners in their apps.

Apple’s AdBlock app is available for free in the App Store and the App store app, but users have to be logged in with an Apple ID and a password to be able to install it.

Apple is allowing third-party developers to offer apps with AdBlock Pro, which has been available since 2017.

As a result, Apple is offering its customers the ability to get rid of ads, and if they’re not comfortable with that, they can turn it off entirely.

The new AdBlock apps work the same way as Apple’s iOS apps: you select an app, then you can click on the AdBlock icon, then select the “Block ads” tab.

Apple says the Adblock apps work by displaying ads in an ad-targeting manner.

AdBlock Pro will also work on iOS 8, 9, and 10, but it requires iOS 11 or later.

If you have AdBlock installed, you’ll be able toggle “Enable ads for this app” in the Ad Block app settings.

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