‘The most effective ads are the ones you don’t see’: How a new ad campaign for Facebook can work with its advertisers

The world’s biggest internet advertising company, Facebook, is using a new campaign that it says can help advertisers understand the best ads.

The campaign, called “The Most Effective Ads Are the Ones You Don’t See,” aims to help advertisers decide how to spend their advertising dollars, while also offering them advice on how to manage the advertising they produce.

Advertisers have become accustomed to seeing ads they’re familiar with, like those from major publishers, on their newsfeeds, but the new ad uses a different approach that is unique to Facebook.

The company is using its massive user data to help determine which ads are best for advertisers and which ones they shouldn’t, and is offering the insights in a series of online videos and ads.

“We are giving advertisers the tools to understand the most effective ways to spend money,” Facebook’s head of advertising, David Marcus, said in a blog post.

In the new campaign, Facebook’s AdSense partners are creating a list of 50 “top-performing” ads and sharing the results with advertisers.

The partners then have 30 days to decide whether they should pay for the ads, or opt out.

The ads are designed to help users understand which ads to buy, how much they should spend, and what types of ads are likely to work best for them.

“The best ads are those that don’t make you think, but actually change your behavior,” said Marcus, who will be appearing at the Advertising Summit conference in London in January.

The new campaign uses the same tool that Facebook uses to create advertising: data from millions of users and their Facebook pages.

The goal of the new ads is to make it easier for advertisers to make smart, informed decisions about which ads they should run and which they shouldn�t, Marcus said.

Facebook already uses data to determine which campaigns to run.

In the past, the company has run a pilot program that allows advertisers to opt out of seeing ads from Facebook if they don�t like them, Marcus wrote.

Instead, Facebook will be running a pilot campaign that has been designed to allow advertisers to choose to see Facebook ads.

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