Ottawa police chief says police officers will have a place to be on the job

Police are being asked to leave the streets in downtown Ottawa for several weeks.

Ottawa Police Chief Marc Soucy announced the change in an email on Monday.

He said he wants to make sure officers have enough space to work in the evenings and weekends.

“We need a bit of space in order to work effectively,” Soucy said.

“The police work really hard in the morning and late nights.

They can’t be everywhere.”

Police officers will be required to leave their vehicles in the downtown area, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) said.

Officers will be relocated to the south end of the city where they will work in shifts of between eight and 10 hours.

“They’ll be moving downtown, but they won’t be taking their vehicles,” Soucecy said in the email.

“You’re going to see them being more in the middle of the streets and not in front of the houses.”

Soucy did not specify when police officers would be able to return to the downtown core.

Police have had to work outside the downtown, the city’s core, since February when they began to remove barricades in the event of a major emergency.

The move is part of a $20 million budget plan announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help police cope with a record number of shootings and deaths.

Soucy also said that in the next year, the police force will increase the number of officers on the street by 150 to 300.

Ottawa police Chief Marc Côté has already asked police to take the following steps: Officers will have to move to a downtown location that will not interfere with their regular duties.

Officers are also asked to stay home and attend their own shifts, but will not be assigned to a specific patrol area.

Officers must not use public transit during their shift, except during designated off-duty hours.

Officers should not use any public transport during their work shifts, including public transit in designated off duty areas.

Officers who do use public transport will have their shifts restricted to the following times: 4 p.m. to 8 p.:m.

Monday to Friday; 6 a.m to 7 p.p.m.; and 9 a.mi. to 7:30 p.s.m., Monday to Thursday.

Soucey said police will also be encouraged to have a secure vehicle for when they do not need to use their vehicles, including a vehicle with a seatbelt and a back-up camera.

The police force has also created a task force to develop training and a set of tools to help officers prepare for the change.

“As soon as we can, we’re going into the streets,” Soucescy said at the news conference.

We have to be very vigilant and adapt. “

Every day we get new information, new information.

We have to be very vigilant and adapt.

This is just a first step, and we’re all learning.”

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