What are you really good at? The best and worst ad skills

The post “What are you Really Good at?” has been viewed over 4.2 million times.

The post includes a video interview with Michaela Tachman, the co-founder of the digital agency Skyscraper.

Tachman also answered some questions from the blog.

She told the Washington Post that she’s often asked how she manages to make clients happy.

I think I’ve answered the question: how do I do that?

I think that there’s an important difference between managing a client’s emotions and making them feel good about their work, Tachmann said.

The former requires you to engage with them and to make them feel as good as you can about their business.

The latter is much more of a mental game.

Tackman is also known for her ability to create powerful visuals that make her clients feel connected to their brands.

The company also offers online tools that help its clients improve their online campaigns.

Skyscraper is known for its creative, interactive campaigns, which it created for several brands, including Gap, the Gap Foundation, and the Gap Group.

The company has been featured on Business Insider and The Huffington Post, among others.

Tchman, who is married to a former Nike executive, told The Washington Times that her clients are often skeptical of her creative abilities.

She says they’ve had to constantly adjust to a new client because she’s constantly changing the look and feel of her agency.

She also has a few tips for getting clients to trust you with their business:The first thing is, be consistent.

If you see someone doing something that’s not exactly what they’re saying, it might be a mistake.

But it’s really good to have a consistent approach that you try to stick to.

And that means not just working with them, but working with the client.

I try to make sure I am constantly working with a client.

I’m trying to get a client to trust me, and that they are comfortable with the work I’m doing, Tchman said.

If they are not, then I think there is a risk that I might be doing a poor job of that.

If that is the case, I’ll always ask them for help.

And you have to have confidence.

I feel very confident in what I do.

That is a big part of my job, and it’s something that I want to stay true to.

But I think you have a lot of confidence in yourself, and trust me.

I can’t do it without confidence.

The second thing I think is important is to keep your clients engaged.

It’s easy to be so distracted.

If a client is not doing what you want them to do, they will stop trusting you and they will leave.

And I think it’s a good thing to have that conversation.

I also think it is important to communicate that to your clients.

I think it takes time.

But once you have the client, it’s so easy to go back to work.

If I have a client and they don’t trust me anymore, I just go back and do the same thing.

So that is my goal: I have to be able to stay with them.

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