Why Designers Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Sell Their Work Online

In an era of ever-increasing online commerce, many design professionals feel like they’re at a loss to communicate their work effectively.

This is why we’ve all come to expect a few designers to sell their work for $2 million a pop.

And while it’s certainly possible to get creative with that kind of money, some designers feel like their work should be free to be used for whatever purpose.

For example, a design agency recently asked designers to design an entire restaurant for a major restaurant chain, and asked them to submit their work in a contest.

And the designer who won?

She used the win to help support the local food pantry.

The winner of that contest was an associate of the restaurant who used her design to make sandwiches, which was the only thing she made during her week of work.

The designer didn’t sell any of her work, but the work she did sell was the kind that she can’t help but think about as a gift.

So it’s no surprise that there’s a movement to allow designers to use their work as an educational tool for students.

And for the designers who think they can’t do that, this petition to allow them to do so could be their ticket out of a job.

“We want to make sure that everyone has access to design tools, to have a chance to do their work and have a positive impact on the world,” the petition reads.

“Our hope is that this petition will give designers an opportunity to show the world that they can do that work.

And if that’s the case, then we should be able to let them use our work for educational purposes.

This would be a huge win for the design community.”

The petition also requests that design programs and designers be able do their own workshops, so that students and teachers can use their own creative work to inspire their students.

“It’s not enough to ask for a certain amount of money.

It’s about asking for that freedom of choice, and the freedom to use it as you see fit,” the designer wrote.

“I want to see this happen.”

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