What are the top six best ways to get your next job?

The list above may not be the most popular on LinkedIn but it’s a fantastic starting point to help you build a resume and interview profile for your future career.

Here are six different ways you can use it to get the most out of your resume.1.

Show off your knowledge and passion for your field.

When we interview candidates for new jobs, we want to see them show off their knowledge and passions for the field.

Show your passion for a field that’s not yet on the radar with an impressive portfolio.2.

Be the one who leads the conversation.

Whether it’s about a new job opportunity, a promotion or a promotion that’s a little out of reach, make sure you take the lead in getting people to ask questions about your background.3.

Share a story.

A great resume is built on the stories that people tell.

Whether you’re telling the story of your career or how you made it as an entrepreneur, it’s crucial that you share your story and the work you’ve done.4.

Take the time to showcase your work.

Don’t let your resume sit empty.

Share your skills and experiences with your friends and family.5.

Make it your mission to inspire others.

If you want to help people find their next career, show up at networking events and other events to talk about your work, what you’ve accomplished and what you’re looking for in a future job.6.

Show you care about your industry and the people you work with.

Donate time to your local community or to your family to share your passions and experiences.

These are just some of the ways you could use LinkedIn’s interactive resume to show off your skills, passions and experience to recruiters.

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