When Google announced a new ‘design’ for ads, the internet reacted with shock and fury

It was the first time Google had ever announced an ‘Ad Design’ for its ad platform.

Now, the company has revealed its plans for the next iteration, which will be called AdWords.

Read moreWhat’s the new design?

In a blog post, Google said that the ‘AdWords’ will feature ‘a more streamlined, fluid user experience’ and will ‘enhance the speed and accuracy of your search results’.

Google also said it plans to create a ‘design team’ to work on the redesign.

The company did not go into details of what changes will be made to the ‘Search’ experience, but did say it will focus on improving user experience across its AdWords and Google Ads offerings.

It is unclear what the changes will entail.

The changes, which are expected to be made over the next few months, will allow advertisers to more easily target their audiences.

They will include:Advertisers can now include ‘ads and related terms’ in their search results in order to show search results for advertisers who have purchased specific ad formats.

Advertiser groups will be able to show their ad-supported accounts in a new view, which can include details about the campaigns or keywords that have been used to generate the ads.

This could include details of how the campaign is being run, how much revenue it’s generating, and other data.

AdWords will also be able ‘identify and monetise’ advertisers using a new feature called Ad Keywords.

This allows advertisers to use the ‘tags’ in the ad to link to the advertiser’s website.

It will also allow advertisers and campaigns to identify other advertisers who are using similar keywords to their own.

This is a feature Google will be releasing in the future to allow for more targeted ads to be displayed alongside the search results.

This will allow brands to ‘directly target’ their ads to different segments of the population, and advertisers can then link to those ads by targeting specific keywords.

In an effort to attract advertisers to their platform, Google will also include a new ad system.

This system will be ‘designed to improve the speed, accuracy, and usability of searches, ads, and search results’ for advertisers.

This new system will allow publishers to target and monetize the ad audiences for their businesses.

Google says it will also roll out a ‘search and search analytics’ feature that will allow users to ‘learn more about their search engine performance and perform more targeted search campaigns’.

Read moreGoogle has been making waves in the advertising world with its new advertising products and services.

But now the company is announcing the next major update, it seems its taking a page from Apple’s playbook.

AdWeek recently sat down with Google to find out more about the company’s plans for ‘Adwords’, including its plans to roll out ad targeting to all Google accounts and its plans on the ‘design and innovation’ side of things.

We spoke with the company about the ‘ad design’ and its focus on speed, reliability and accuracy, its search engine overhaul and how it hopes to deliver better ads to users.

You can read the full interview here:What do you think of Google’s announcement of the next ‘AdDesign’ for the AdWords platform?

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