The World’s First Design Advertising Job Is Done!

Posted September 10, 2018 11:17:37The job title, designer advertising, was first awarded in 2009 to a team of young designers and designers from London’s design firm, The Agency, who worked at the prestigious Design Directors Guild awards.

The agency then turned its focus to the advertising world, where they have since won numerous awards.

Today, the agency is best known for its advertising products such as the ad-free, no ads, or ads without ads series.

The company’s latest design advertising job, though, is an agency for advertisers.

As part of its new design advertising career, the team created a series of custom billboards in collaboration with the company.

The first batch of 50 billboards were delivered to clients this month.

They were displayed in a local London area, and are now up for auction, with a top bid of over £10,000 ($14,200).

The billboard will remain on display until October.

The agency is planning to display the first batch at the 2018 British Advertising Awards in September, and also to showcase the design advertising concept in the United States, with the first set of 25 billboards expected to arrive in November.

“Design advertising is a unique opportunity to develop a brand and an image,” said Chris Wood, marketing manager for The Agency.

“By working with a professional agency, we will be able to develop creative solutions for our clients to help them build a successful advertising strategy and increase their advertising revenues.”

For more design advertising news and resources, follow @designadvertising on Twitter.

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